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Improving Indoor Air Quality for Your Health

Improving Indoor Air Quality For Your Health

Improving Indoor Air Quality for Your Health

The quality of the air inside your home can affect your health. So how do you make sure that the air you and your family are breathing is the best it can be? There are some ways to make sure that your indoor air quality is top-notch. Let’s explore why this is important and how you can take a few steps to actively improve your environment.

Health Issues From Poor Indoor Air Quality

Some of the health issues that can arise are problems with your respiratory system. This is caused by a variety of indoor allergens, such as pet dander, dust, dirt and mold. All of these issues together can create indoor air problems that can be especially troublesome for family members with allergies, asthma or a compromised immune system.

Ways to Improve Your Air Quality

There are many great ways to improve your air quality. For one thing, make sure you are getting regular deep-cleaning services from a company like us at Keep It Up. We are the premier luxury cleaning service in New York City and Palm Beach. Having a company come in for recurring home cleaning can make a huge difference in how beautifully clean your home is, which in turn can improve your air quality.

Also, make sure to change out all of your air filters for your heating and cooling system every couple of months. Finding ones that are advanced for “allergen defense” is also better than the basic air filters you can buy. Some of them even come with sensors that connect to a smart app on your phone that will tell you how the air quality is in your home, when to replace the filter, and tips for making the air quality better throughout your home. 

Finally, if you truly want to improve the indoor air quality of your home, invest in some HEPA air purifiers. These devices, when placed in a couple of different rooms in your home, will essentially scrub the air of allergens that can be harmful to your health. The air you breathe will be much cleaner because they remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria. 

Taking the steps to improve your indoor air quality is definitely a worthwhile endeavor for the health and wellness of your entire family.